Only 30 minutes away from Buenos Aires City Downtown.

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Only 30 minutes away from Buenos Aires City Downtown, you can enjoy
yourself horseback riding, learning and having fun.

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We offer Riding Lessons and Equestrian Adventures for beginners and experienced riders.

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About Caballos a la Par

We are a Horseback Riding Stables and an Equestrian Training
Centre whose main objective is to train riders and horses. We will
help you to develop your riding skills and confidence, regardless of
level from absolute beginners to the more proficient/advanced. We have
a group of horses of different breeds, styles and behaviour that are
trained by us. There are horses suitable for riders of all levels of

Our name translated in English is Horses “Side By Side” (in Spanish
Caballos “A La Par”). In Argentina “Side by Side” is a very common
expression amongst horse-people who ride together freely in the
countryside. It is exactly what we do and how we train riders using
our own and unique "A La Par" Teaching-Learning Method. The concept is
outstanding: riding side by side, together, close to each other,
making the rider feel safe and at the same time teaching, guiding and
transmitting our knowledge and experience, not only giving you the
instructions in words but more importantly also showing you what you
need to do and how you need to do it.

We love to Ride

We love to Ride

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Caballos a la Par

Only 30 minutes away from Buenos Aires City Downtown.

+54 9 11 5248-3592

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